Welcome to India’s fastest growing café!

If the delicious aroma of chocolate is enough to please you, the taste of our Kuka will definitely sweep you off your feet. Welcome to chocolate heaven where Kuka reigns supreme.

Embark on an exquisite journey with Café Crème, a pinnacle in the café franchise realm, boasting 100+ unique outlets across 20+ cities in India. Join our rapid growth, where over a million delighted patrons and a new haven every month affirm our status as the epitome of a top cafe franchise. At Café Crème, our innovative spirit, reflected in 60+ exquisite specialty drinks, crafts a tapestry of epicurean adventures. Dive into the enchanting universe of the best cafe franchise in India, where café and parlors business opportunities unfold. Stay tuned to the coffee shop franchise scene, and immerse yourself in the growth story of Café Crème-where every sip is a symphony, every venture a voyage!


of sweet delight – KUKA

Café Crème is the favorite destination for connoisseurs of rich and delectable chocolate drinks, ice creams, mastanis, choco crème, fresh crème shakes, chocolate sandwich, chocolate shots, brownies and more. Of these, our signature chocolate drink, Kuka, is the most loved and popular among all our patrons. Explore the diverse and indulgent offerings on the menu of Café Crème to satisfy your cravings for delightful chocolate experiences.

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