Top Leading Cafe Franchise in India

Embark on an odyssey with Café Creme, a pioneer in the coffee shop franchise industry. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the essence of coffee experiences, proudly positioned as the Top Cafe Franchise in India. Our alluring Cafe and Lounge franchise offers an exceptional opportunity, with a network spanning over 100 outlets across 20+ cities in India. Seize the moment with Café Creme’s unparalleled Cafe Franchise Opportunities, stepping into a flourishing realm of Café and Parlors Business Opportunities. Join us, where each sip tells a tale, and every venture is an ode to excellence in the dynamic world of coffee shop franchises.

Step 1

Own Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Premium: Investment 14 - 15 Lakhs, Area:500 sqft. & Above

QSR: Investment 9 - 10 Lakhs, Area:200 - 300 sqft.

Kiosk: Investment 6 - 7 Lakhs, Area:100 - 150 sqft.

Step 2
Cafe Creme Franchise Inquiry

In a country where coffee holds a special place in the hearts of many, Cafe Creme is rapidly becoming a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. If you’re interested in a cafe franchise in Mumbai and cafe creme Franshise in Pune or anywhere else in India, our Cafe Creme Franchise Inquiry is open. Join us in the flourishing landscape of Cafe and Lounge Franchise, exploring lucrative Cafe Franchise Businesses and opportunities across the nation.